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Daniel Bogogolela

28 Jan, 2016 09:54 AM
She was  laying on her bed alone,
Wondering where she could’ve gone.
The a figure of a man towered over 
her lifeless body.

She was about to die because her
Friends who believed so, were no
more interested in visiting her.
None of them was even interested
in calling her and learn of any changes
on her.
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Tags: Boyish, Cheating, Scared, Cancer, Sick, Debt, Cruel
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Like a Thief


08 Dec, 2015 01:11 AM
Desperation, it took me away like a thief
And you were left, with this broken belief
That nothing was wrong; that I wouldn't lie,
But you never knew of the many nights I'd cry.

Like a thief, death quietly crept in
And buried my broken dream, deeply within.
Little did you know, I was falling apart,
But no one could see, inside my breaking heart.

And so I was taken, suddenly, one day.
A memory left behind, of a darkening yesterday.
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Tags: Death, Tired, Dying, Goodbye, World, Cruel
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19 Oct, 2012 10:38 PM
every once in a while,
there comes a shooting star.
only this one lasts longer,
until I see another from afar.

it's shining bright, with a smile so wide,
my fingers touch your face so soft,
I go lower,
you will be loved.

voice so beautiful,
your lips are too,
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Tags: Fragile, Sad, Love, Lesbian, Cruel, Unloved
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