Daniel Bogogolela

28 Jan, 2016 09:54 AM
She was  laying on her bed alone,
Wondering where she could’ve gone.
The a figure of a man towered over 
her lifeless body.

She was about to die because her
Friends who believed so, were no
more interested in visiting her.
None of them was even interested
in calling her and learn of any changes
on her.

That’s if there was.
Though her maid and a family doctor gave
her hope,
she was now deeply in debt and her
medical aid complained to a man 
who had deserted her.

And he was afraid to tell her because
he thought that if he ever did,
she could become more and more

But her doctor told her everything
and she heard that he’d been cheating
On her whilst on her bed.

She vowed that she wouldn’t let cancer
take away her life easily like that.
That she was prepared to follow her
doctor’s orders so as she’d be able
to wake up and go question her friends
why they’d been so cruel to her.

And when she was up,
her scared boyfriend broke up with her
because she was ashamed what her 
investigation into his alleged 
cheating would do to his
character as a man.

Yeah! He was boyish and sexist like that.
He chose to hide than face the facts.
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