It Couldn't Be

Celestial Starlight

27 Nov, 2014 09:36 AM
A message on my phone, could it be him?
Is it my true love, i've waited so long to hear?
I remember those days, 
He pretended I wasn't there,
Even though he tore me up, 
somehow I still care.

Waiting and waiting for just one reply
Tears start to form 
I feel i'm ready to die.
There's no message back,
I am breaking apart,
He's with her now,
Now we're back to the start.

Strangers now,
He disappeared
Falling down,
My eyes are teared.

Is it him?
It just couldn't be,
I already know
He would never love me.

Scars on my wrists,
On my arms,
And my thighs,
I'm starting to worry,
Exploding with heartbreaking sighs.

So I guess this is it,
I guess this is goodbye,
But one last thing before I go,
Take my heart, it's yours to hold.

Promise me you won't break her too,
But I know that she'll never love you
As much as I do.
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