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Please tell me why

Kanashimi Raven

01 May, 2015 04:55 PM
Why should I trust the words you say? 
Why should I listen to those lies?
I'm tired, 
I'm sorry I can't stand the pain 
I'm sorry but we both know I am meaningless 
To you

With see-through tears, and bright blue eyes
the sun shone brightly on that day
You stared at me, at my typed words 
and then just turned around to go
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03 Aug, 2011 01:03 AM
Split. Like rubber bands
By fickle fait torn,
The world twice over 
Homing pigeons fly
To fill their shadow

But wings we do lack,
Can?t always afford
No matter the will
No matter the ache
They can not be grown
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Tags: Goodbye, Parting, Missing, Split
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28 Apr, 2014 11:09 PM
He walks he runs
But his shoelaces are undone
He trips he falls
But he feels nothing at all

She hurts she cries
To herself at night
Those bright blue eyes
Have lost their light

He stumbles he wonders
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Just Memories

Faliha Ishma

11 Feb, 2013 01:52 PM
It was hot, it was blue
That day when i first saw you
You looked at me curiously
I looked at you awkwardly

Then we talked and talked
And then you asked me out
And i was confused
Were you being cursed?

I always thought that we did not match
You were the one who i shouldn't catch
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Tags: Memory, Goodbye, Lost Love
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The Night after Those Dreaded Goodbyes

Jason Falsis

15 Sep, 2012 06:38 AM
Here I am in the room of our secrets.
Trying to clean our memories of pain
And the stains left on this bed we were lain.
Witnesses were the stars to our regrets.

Those closets where we placed our pure tassels,
Are now the lockers of our dark moments.
And these broken mirror of our torments,
Were the pieces of our daily quarrels.

Your white handkerchief full of blood and tears,
Inside these pockets of our misery,
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Tags: Goodbye, Night, Loneliness, Melancholic
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Good bye


18 Aug, 2015 07:08 AM
She was going away from me,
i was fading away like breath,
it was a total break of heart,
i was holding every single piece of it,
i even cant hold her hand,
i even cant say her name,
i even cant look her into eyes,

i was falling from the multiple skies,
just wanna say good bye to you,
my eyes are dying to see you too,
you never broke up with me anyways,
we left each other while we still holding our hands!!
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Tags: Goodbye, Breakup, Broken Heart, Sad Love, Painful, Heartbreak, Lifeless, Hopeless, Lonely, Confused, Self Harm
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