The Night after Those Dreaded Goodbyes

Jason Falsis

15 Sep, 2012 06:38 AM
Here I am in the room of our secrets.
Trying to clean our memories of pain
And the stains left on this bed we were lain.
Witnesses were the stars to our regrets.

Those closets where we placed our pure tassels,
Are now the lockers of our dark moments.
And these broken mirror of our torments,
Were the pieces of our daily quarrels.

Your white handkerchief full of blood and tears,
Inside these pockets of our misery,
Made our lonely hearts grow tough and angry.
Forgetting our impediments and fears.

Those lighted candles of our daily smiles,
Are now melted by our long agonies,
And the table where we shared our stories,
Was the ignorant viewer of our isles.

As I try to collect those gloomy nights,
Placing them slowly to our bleeding past,
For them to be sealed and be the last,
So I can go while turning off the lights.
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