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Skid Row


17 Nov, 2016 12:13 AM
I used to have this dream years ago let me tell you though
it started with a smile and a wave on the patio,
then a flicker in the sky it showed a shadow.
but wait mum where'd you go I swear I just seen you though.
The sky would start to fall and I would scream but you were a no show.
Then my skin would slowly freeze as the world around me began to go.
Its okay I get it now seeing this tornado,
I'm nothing to you mum I guess this is like a puppet show.
Pick me up tear me down maybe I'm Dynamo,
ill fix myself up while you're drunk in the skid row,
Alone is how I'm feeling when I wake up and realise that I despise
the look in my eyes figuring out this nightmare is never gonna demise
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Tags: Drunk, Depression, Mom, Dying, Addction, Family, Drugs, Abuse, Sad, Death, Hope, Faith, God
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13 Dec, 2015 06:04 PM
I tried,
Tried to stand up,
Up and pretend,
Pretend that I'm good,
Good as they always thinked.

Have you ever broke down?
A real one?
Just like I did?
No, isn't it?
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Tags: Sad, Faith, Strong, Tough, Tears, Alone, Helpless, Unexpected, Love
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Ink, paper, and a pen

18 Nov, 2015 05:58 PM
I can still remember the day we first kiss
I felt so nervous, but its a thing i wont miss
I felt so inlove when i touched ur lips
Fighting for this love is hard but i will take the risk.

Time flows so fast, then u have to leave
But with just a kiss from you and now i do believe
Now i believe that true love does exists
Just so you know ur kiss i just cant resist :)

From that moment and then i know you are mine
I knew u were trouble but i can handle it, just fine.
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Tags: Love, Faith
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If This Would Make You Happy

Alon Calinao Dy

19 Feb, 2013 07:37 PM
I thought we would grow old together.
You said you'd love me forever
Until our skin would make folds
And our hair would become gray.

I thought those sweet words were real
That you could never lie to me. 
I thought we have an agreement
That you'd cherish our love and trust.

All these years that have passed, 
I have given you everything
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Tags: Sad, Love, Longing, Life, Hope, Faith, Wish
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My Princess

Fabiha Tasnim

11 Jul, 2010 01:14 PM
Eyes Of Darkness With The Touch Of Frost,
I Stare Into The Deep Pools And Feel So Lost.
Heaven Has Wonders And Secrets Too,
But My Lonely Wish Created You.

Touch My Hand, Feel My Heart,
My Dear Princess Why Are We Oceans Apart?
My Heart Roars With Gushing Pain
The Rain Just Thinks I’m So Insane.

She Makes Me Cry, She Makes Me Laugh,
A Soft Girl With A Heart So Tough.
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Tags: Wishes, Dreams, Faith
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