Skid Row


17 Nov, 2016 12:13 AM
I used to have this dream years ago let me tell you though
it started with a smile and a wave on the patio,
then a flicker in the sky it showed a shadow.
but wait mum where'd you go I swear I just seen you though.
The sky would start to fall and I would scream but you were a no show.
Then my skin would slowly freeze as the world around me began to go.
Its okay I get it now seeing this tornado,
I'm nothing to you mum I guess this is like a puppet show.
Pick me up tear me down maybe I'm Dynamo,
ill fix myself up while you're drunk in the skid row,
Alone is how I'm feeling when I wake up and realise that I despise
the look in my eyes figuring out this nightmare is never gonna demise
I'm desensitised that things are going crosswise
still years later your alive
a miracle maybe for the doctors now that your fifty five
and I'm surprised i apologise over the sound of your cries
as the liquor dries and I start to eulogise 
and dehumanise this fucking suicide 
counting down the days where your body will finally subdivide and die
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skate says:
02 Feb, 2017 08:15 PM

I began to read this like a rap song xD, it's really good tho

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