My Princess

Fabiha Tasnim

11 Jul, 2010 01:14 PM
Eyes Of Darkness With The Touch Of Frost,
I Stare Into The Deep Pools And Feel So Lost.
Heaven Has Wonders And Secrets Too,
But My Lonely Wish Created You.

Touch My Hand, Feel My Heart,
My Dear Princess Why Are We Oceans Apart?
My Heart Roars With Gushing Pain
The Rain Just Thinks I’m So Insane.

She Makes Me Cry, She Makes Me Laugh,
A Soft Girl With A Heart So Tough.
Your My Wish, My Beautiful Dream,
So How Can You Be So Damn Mean?

The Closer I Get The Deeper You Cut,
I’m Taking The Risk So Tear Me Apart.
My Gorgeous Princess Please Take My Hand,
Let Me Fly You To My Dreamland.

My Crazy Princess, My Amazing Doll
Believe That I’ll Always Be There If You Fall
Every Night When I Say My Prayers,
I Thank God While Fighting My Tears.

Your A Princess But I’m No Prince,
Fighting My Feeling Just Trying To Convince.
I’ll Accept All Pain That You Give,
Because Deep Inside I Still Believe.

A Lonely Wish On A Shooting Star,
Brought You So Close, But Yet Your Too Far.
Love You Forever, Forever I Do,
For You Frost Princess My Love Is True

My Darling, My Baby, My Bunny Boo,
Believe Me Sweet Princess I Can’t Live Without You.
So Make Me A Promise For Now And Forever.
That You Will Remain As Only My Lover.
Tags: Wishes, Dreams, Faith
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