13 Dec, 2015 06:04 PM
I tried,
Tried to stand up,
Up and pretend,
Pretend that I'm good,
Good as they always thinked.

Have you ever broke down?
A real one?
Just like I did?
No, isn't it?

I knew you're trying,
Trying to give me some spirits,
Spirits that I've lost,
Lost in the middle of road,
Road of no where,
Except for Him.

Thank you for your help,
Though it wasn't that 'help' much,
Indeed I tried to smile,
And be who I was,
I tried.
But, you gave me no choice,
Choice to choose,
'Cause you've pushed me,
Too far,
Far enough from the path,
Then you accused me,
For not following yours,
I've become someone else,
Someone I never imagine,
Someone I never thinked of.

You make your move,
Away from me,
Blaming me for everything,
We've been done
Set yourself free,
And left me at no point,

You're the one who pressured me,
You're the one who pushed me,
You're the one who forced me to,
But now, you left.

I have no one to rely on,
Drowning in the dark without any helping hands,
Living in my own life

Afraid to move,
Scared enough to let people in
And get hurt again,
But, hoping there will be time
I'll set myself free
Free from these
These ignorance and bullshits

I believe in His miracles.
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Rey May says:
08 Apr, 2016 03:41 PM

I understand I also am afraid of letting people in and loving again because I already know I'm going to get hurt again.

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