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Just another prop


06 Jun, 2018 06:00 AM
With this last heartbreak
I finaly died inside
With this my demons
Have finally found their way back

I tried to run from them
Hide from them
But lastly I was the one
That showed them how to come back

But you made it worse
Ten maybe hundred times worser
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Tags: Heartbroken, Heartbreak, Sad Love, Crying, Loneliness, Demons, Lost, Broken Heart
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A Word That Start With S

Dayna Samuels (age 14)

01 Sep, 2011 10:33 PM
he's walking
he's treading quickly
towards the big oak tree
where she said she'd meet him

there's an anxious smile on his lips
a single blood red rose
clutched in his sweaty palms
and a little velvet box
which held a ring of gold and ruby
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Tags: Heartbreak, Suicide, Horror, Dark, Love
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Ben Vanhook

19 Jul, 2017 11:19 PM
The heart is beating but slowing down
The heart is dying losing its crown
Losing it’s meaning as it slowly decays
We were all waiting for this fateful day
The life of the heart slipping like sand
As it says goodbye to it’s lifelong band

The organs it’s worked with for much of it’s life
Are being destroyed by somebodies knife
The heart is now drumming it’s final beats
As the lungs are now wailing the tune of defeat
The sadness and pain is starting to show
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Tags: Heartbroken, Heartbreak, Depression, Suicide
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He Doesn't Love You

Rebecca Chapman

05 Feb, 2016 06:38 AM
He doesn't love you.
He never did.
But you believed him. 
Just like a kid.
He acted so sweet,
said, "no one is greater!"
But look at you now.
You're both just strangers.
The long hugs, sweet kisses,
All your history...
It's nothing but a memory.
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Tags: Heartbreak, Depression
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My empty soul

F.L Bane

31 Jul, 2011 12:44 PM
You left me alone, forsaken forever
I knew you didn?t love me, yet I loved you
You know, I know that I can?t just say whatever
It?s so hard to forget this old endeavor

You left me with hole devoid of all
You shattered my already broken soul
Yet I can?t bear to see you hurt by me or any others
I don?t maybe you?d love me if I were another

I will always be your friend, it may hurt
I?ll be hoping with my broken heart
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Tags: Sadness, Heartbreak, Love
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02 Aug, 2016 11:24 PM
She cried
She screamed
He wouldn't stop
What madness in this world
What bitterness can take hold
It twists the mind
And poisons the heart
Each broken soul fighting alone 
As he drew closer she knew what was to come
She begged 

She pleaded
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Tags: Heartbreak, Sadness, Sad Love, Hope, Hurt
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Why Did You Run


10 Dec, 2012 02:34 AM
Why did you turn away,
And face the dull and boring day,
I told you I loved you.
But you did not reply.

Was it all a lie?
We’ve been through so much,
So why turn away now,
Why abandon me.

I called for you,
But you did not acknowledge me.
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Tags: Betrayal, Heartbreak, Sad, Unloved, Hurt
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When you are gone


04 Feb, 2012 01:46 PM
The moment you are gone 
My world will turn dark
The moment you leave
You take with you my heart

A tear drops down my cheek
And in it holds my sorrow
For without you my world is bleak
And life holds no tomorrow

The stars are ripped from my hands
And the sun fades from my sky
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Tags: Abandoned, Heartbreak, Sad, Alone
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I love you & Goodbye

samantha stewart

22 Nov, 2017 03:35 PM
Not once did I expect this to happen.
Never in my wildest dream that I've fallen,
To a boy who wasn't my prince charming
Nor to someone who is my friend.

It must been your sweetness that melt my heart
Or your gentle smile could be the start.
Whatever the reason for me to feel this way
One thing I know, this strange feeling grows stronger everyday

All this time I've been praying
For you to see and look at me as a lady
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Tags: Sadness, Love, Heartbreak, Broken, Goodbye
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I know that it will be my last


03 Oct, 2014 05:56 AM
She smells like the sands of time
And is funny without ever being mean
I know that she's a dime

But I can't stop this feeling
I got my bottle of Jack
Then there's a sudden bleeding
In this abrasive room of black
I create a certain kind of seeing

Maybe I should care
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Tags: Last, Lost, Loneliness, Longing, Letting Go, Leaving, Lie, Death, Depression, Darkness
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