02 Aug, 2016 11:24 PM
She cried
She screamed
He wouldn't stop
What madness in this world
What bitterness can take hold
It twists the mind
And poisons the heart
Each broken soul fighting alone 
As he drew closer she knew what was to come
She begged 

She pleaded 
But he was not letting go
Her world was falling apart
As he looked into her eyes, he seen the panic within
But she had to hear this
Even if she would not believe for a little while
So he whispered in her ear
And she started to cry 
She would not listen
No she whispered

He replied
I know someone must of broken you so badly, 
I'm sorry he done this to you. 
Im sorry that when I raise my hand to touch your face you flinch.
I'm sorry he destroyed your spark. 
And I'm sorry you don't believe me when I say...  
You are beautiful. 
But I promise one day, 
you will believe it, 
and one day that spark will return and become a fire!
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