My empty soul

F.L Bane

31 Jul, 2011 12:44 PM
You left me alone, forsaken forever
I knew you didn?t love me, yet I loved you
You know, I know that I can?t just say whatever
It?s so hard to forget this old endeavor

You left me with hole devoid of all
You shattered my already broken soul
Yet I can?t bear to see you hurt by me or any others
I don?t maybe you?d love me if I were another

I will always be your friend, it may hurt
I?ll be hoping with my broken heart
It is a truly horrible shame we must part
If you hated me I?d be happy, for you thought of me

How can I forget? If the pain reminds
How can I let go? If you?re always in my mind
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Yuri says:
03 Mar, 2012 11:06 PM

There's a lot of emphasis on fieindng things which, for me and most everyone else, narrows them down into an uncomfortable space to try and fit into. With words, more than anything, I am (we are) creating a space that is uniquely personal; extremely intimate, and freeing. A free space to express and let our hands dance and paint with words. The last thing I want or need is someone scholar or otherwise telling me how it does not meet certain qualifications, or the numerous ways in which it fails to be, definably, a Poem. When I was in Grade 6 I wrote a poem for language arts class. My teacher showed the principal, and he was so impressed that he paid me $5 for it! That was the only time, other than one or two on the blog recently, that I've showed my poetry to anyone (and that was involuntary). Let's all lift the curtain of timidity and shame and not-good-enoughness and share our dances. It is an incredibly brave and liberating gesture toward our deepest selves to share our writing. I say WRITE. And be free. THanks for this post Joanna. Awesome.

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