Why Did You Run


10 Dec, 2012 02:34 AM
Why did you turn away,
And face the dull and boring day,
I told you I loved you.
But you did not reply.

Was it all a lie?
We’ve been through so much,
So why turn away now,
Why abandon me.

I called for you,
But you did not acknowledge me.
Why did you run,
Why did you lie,
Why did you leave me here.
To slowly die…?
On the inside and out,
I die.

Knowing our love was a lie,
I do not cry.
I do not feel pain,
I do not feel sorrow,
I only feel myself fall.
I fall into the darkness,

The darkness you created,
The darkness in my heart,
I do not fall apart,
I let out a mild laugh.
I trusted you,

Did you trust me,
I thought you loved me,
Like the way I loved you.
I honestly don’t care,

Because I’m leaving you behind,
Like you left me.
Because the joy of life…
Is having a side that is both dark and light...
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