Pain of missing someone


13 Apr, 2010 11:29 AM
I missed you
I missed you so badly
I know it is really sad
But it is the only way to let you know
How i pass my day...

Your hard touch
Never make me say oouch,
I thought you were mine
But now it seems you like someone else
And i'm fine...

No matter how hard it is to live without you
I'll try to find my own way,
This is the only thing i can say...

No one is there to listen me
Everybody say it is just a game of love,
You're just perfect,
Nothing to change
Cause now everything seems to be falling apart..

No matter what will happen
But i'll keep on missing you...

Just with a hope that one day,
You will say leaving you on a path of loneliness
It was my life regret...

But i don't care what you've did to me...
I still miss you.......
Tags: Love, Pain
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