Tiffany C.

24 Oct, 2011 08:46 PM
Haunted by your voice,
 I wish you were here once, again.
Oh, how I would rejoice,
But I can't even see you, my friend.
 Haunted by your touch,
Oh, how you made me feel.
I miss you so much,
Everything seems so unreal.
Haunted by the sight of you,
You unleashed my tears.
Oh, how could you be so cruel,
And leave me to my fears.
Haunted by your smell,
The sweetness of you still lingers.
 It makes me want to yell,
 For now I let you slip through my fingers.
Haunted by your taste,
Oh, how I want to cry.
To me you were perfect but to others' a waste,
And I hate myself 'cause I let you die
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