11 Mar, 2010 11:00 AM
I shut my eyes close and wish for the best
I can't think of the rest
Cause this is my first kiss
I hope I don't miss
Cause hes a dream come true
And hes not for you

Our hand touch
My cheeks blush
I feel his breath on my cheeks
Our faces are near
All my worries disappear
I have no more fears

Hearts dance in the air
Singing that we're a perfect pair
Some playing games
Others saying our names

Our lips finally touch
This moment I can't forget
The way he holds my hands I blush
The way he kisses me I don't want to be in a rush

I open my eyes
The hearts disappear
Into thin air
But who care as I with my knight in shining armor

I stare into his eyes
Time passes by
I smell love in the air
The hearts were right we are a perfect pair
And we'll be together forever
And ever
Tags: Forever, Love
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