Yielding to Darkness

Priyanka Iyer

14 Sep, 2017 09:23 AM
I unraveled my dusty luggage of words today,
Humming a melody to blow pain away,
Cautiously, not letting my words become trite,
To dispel the darkness, I let in the light!


Preventing my thoughts from straying into paths malign,
All the while pursuing some kind of a positive sign,
With light, out went darkness and pain followed suit,
Somewhere perhaps, my efforts had borne fruit.


Peace settled in, silencing sadness & its deafening uproar,
I felt intrepid, believing I would regain the shore.
Wafting with the memories, was a sweet scent,
I reminisced about the moments beautifully spent.

I was certain; I could overpower the fears,
Just when a smile was about to meet my tears,
From the memory lane, emerged a rotten stench,
Helplessly despairing, my fists began to clench!

I panicked, as my courage began to retreat,
Surrendering unwillingly, my soul could only bleat,
But the pain went full throttle, like a bolt from the blue,
As light faded, my courage conceded; but pain remained true!

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