Hopes and Wishes


12 Jul, 2017 06:20 AM
I see him, the one
But am I the one for fun.
He laughs,his laugh is so 
graceful Makes a blow.
Does he see me or he sees another girl
who does he need a cheerleader who can whirl or twirl.
He don't see, don't deserve thee
who does he need too flee.
From the ugliness I attract, or does he see.
 Or does he never see a we
In his future.
 I shall never come too close to him
Or I'm I just a swim.
Too him he can just swim over
 Too I wish I could be a trover too him.

But shall I wish, before he is taken
I hope I waken. 
Him by my side while I gleam,
Or is that all just a wish or dream.
Tags: Love, Wish
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Dipankar kalita says:
18 Sep, 2017 03:33 PM

vry gudddd

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