The Story

Hannah Lynn Burkhart

25 May, 2011 05:45 PM
Why are you still here?
Why can't you leave me in peace?
I see you every place I go,
You haunt my thoughts and dreams.
I close my eyes and see your face,
You whisper softly "I Love You".
I stare at your picture sometimes, 
Wishing that you were still here.
When I sleep at night,
I dream of you touching my face.
The sun always comes up to soon,
I wish I could hold you just a little longer.
Where are you?
Do you ever think of me?
Sometimes I wonder if you can see me.
I read you letter over again,
I would have said "yes", I would have said "yes".
Why did you come to see me that night?
It was to stormy,
Did I make you drive to fast?
Hes turning two today,
I see you every time he looks at me.
God I wish you were here,
You always held me if I cried.
I miss you!
I can't breath any more!
It hurts to much.
I love you, but it hurts to much.
Let me forget, please.
I need to forget.
Just one more dream,
One more smile,
One last kiss, even if it isn't real.
Hold me one last time,
But let me move on.
Tags: Move On, Unloved
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Kayla Raye says:
23 Jun, 2011 07:05 AM

This is perfect. I love it. This poem has been hearted(:

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lynn says:
23 Jun, 2011 02:18 PM

me 2 :(

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Jessica says:
04 Jul, 2011 11:10 PM

This poem really spoke out to me, i am so glad i read it! Thank-you

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