it is tough to move on ..


22 Jan, 2010 11:36 PM
It can?t be true ?. I can?t believe what?s happening 
I can?t believe that you are forever leaving ??..
That ??.. You are leaving me all alone to cry ?.
That you are walking away to a place that is out of my reach no matter how hard I try ??

Today ? .i realized I am so helpless?. 
I can?t turn around and go and?? 
I can?t stand here to watch you go?.

You are making me feel lonely and empty?..
Not being with you is my life?s worst imaginable thing?.

I swear I tried really hard to make everything all right?
I tried hard to give you all the happiness you desired every time?..
I tried hard to make our relationship last and survive?
I tried hard to kiss away all your pains when you cried?..

I really wish ?..That you could see the unconditional love for you in my eyes..
And that you hadn?t blamed me for everything that went wrong in your life?..

Can you just come back and say that it?s not over??.. 
That You know it just can?t be the end?.
That still we have to traverse more paths ??
That still we have to live for each other.
That?. Still ? you can?t imagine your life without me ?. 
That  you are all alone without me ?? 
That Your happiness still depends on me ?? 
That you are no MORE angry and have forgotten everything?? 

Please look into my eyes and say that you are still with me ?? 
That still your morning starts with me?.
 That still your life ends on me
That still you do care?.
That still you are there?.

But??. Now when you are gone...
I know I am incomplete without you ??.. 
But still ?? life doesn?t wait... it goes on ???.
I know ? I?ll be okay ?? though it takes a long time to move on ??.
Tags: Move On, Love, Lost
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Bony Yousu says:
23 Jan, 2010 12:46 AM

An excellent poem... nicely written..
have u written it yourself??

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anukriti says:
27 Jan, 2010 04:26 AM

ya ... i wrote it myself
thanx for appreciating...!!1

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