All The Best For You

Faliha Ishma

11 Feb, 2013 10:15 AM
I was lonely, and you weren't there
I felt empty, but i couldn't find you anywhere
My tears were falling down
And you were not there to be a clown

I don't understand, why i still remember you?
Eventhough you hurted me out of the blue
I didn't do anything wrong
But you were blaming me for so long

I felt happy when i saw you smiled
You felt nothing when you saw me cried
I begged you to stay
But you were just walking away

"I'll never leave you" you said
But yet things still went so bad
You left me with all my fears
Didn't you see, i was burst into tears?

I wish that you knew
And you would make things new
But right now you can go on
I am just trying to move on

I still see you in my head
Remembering everything that we had
But now i already have someone
Who is very important

But when those flashbacks came
I felt so lame, and i said "damn"
Eventhough we were not last
I still wish you all the best
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