Believe I love you... Stay

Naomi Buote

03 Jun, 2016 01:49 AM
With shredded edges
my inner-self cries
begging you to stay 
hurtling my body towards you-
the thing that will obliterate me-
leave me haunted forever with
a sense of loss if you walk away

Please save my mind from
running the unnecessary laps  
around an empty world wherein
you are no longer mine
Do not turn my days, my nights
into famine in which I’m forever
hungry for your touch and can
only be fed by my need for you

Let not the last heat of your flesh
be your last gift to me 
I'm offering myself up to you 
to be sacrificed- 
to be burned to ashes 
and expire within the 
intensity of your fire 

Please say you believe 
and understand just 
how much I love you
Promise me you’ll be there 
to kiss my hair again-
to wake me tomorrow
and that we’ll forever move 
openly together in the pull of gravity  
in the soft sweet air which carries 
the feathered grass on its breath

I love you... 
Please say you will stay
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