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Believe I love you... Stay

Naomi Buote

03 Jun, 2016 01:49 AM
With shredded edges
my inner-self cries
begging you to stay 
hurtling my body towards you-
the thing that will obliterate me-
leave me haunted forever with
a sense of loss if you walk away

Please save my mind from
running the unnecessary laps  
around an empty world wherein
you are no longer mine
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Tags: Sad Love, Desperation
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My Lover

jerry harrenstein

25 Oct, 2014 11:19 PM
Whether my lover will be a woman in the know,
or a woman on the go, I really do not know.
She does not have to be beautiful, nor whimsical,
tall, short, or even a good sport.
Young , or old, she does need to know 
when to come in out of the cold.

The color of her eyes, whether blue, black,
brown, grey, or green, remains to be seen.
Heavy, or lean is okay with me, 
as long as she isn't mean.
Wealth and fame are not required because only
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Tags: Love, Desperation, Lonliness
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