mouaz krichati

20 May, 2011 09:13 AM
When the nights are long and cold,

and the days are lonesome and blue,

and the tears begin to get old,

my thoughts always drift to you.

When my heart is quickly breaking,

and I'm forced to search my mind

for something to stop the aching,

you are the one I find.

When I'm feeling helpless and weak,

you give me the strength to move on.

When I'm broken and cannot speak,

you give me the words through song.

The happiness I know with you

is like nothing I've felt before.

When once all was closed from view,

now you have opened the door

and released my hidden emotions,

released my heart and soul,

my deepest love and devotion,

finally making me whole.

If we are forced to be apart,

throughout everything you do,

please know that you are in my heart,

and that I'm always thinking of you.
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