Hero of War

Jacob R

08 Mar, 2015 07:07 AM
Remember Back then
We Were Just Kids
Seems like a Lifetime Ago
I Love you Madly 

November has Come
You're so Beautiful
Now we stand as one
The best Day of my life

This is a call
American Army
Hero of War
More like Toy Soldiers
Dont be Afraid
Not Afraid
Now Im gone

A Prayer
I miss you
Pain sinks in
I will wait
I'll Stick Around

From over the hills and far away
Coming home
Everything has Changed
Somebody that I used to know
You have Faded Away
You're Numb
The chemicals Between us

Our castle has turned to glass
The War has come to us
The Kids see the fight
I'm Through with you
you aren't the man I married.
Tags: Divorce, War
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