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Just know not all Jakes are like that ;) but no seriously I had kind of the same situation, I gave Allie everything, I sacrificed my time, and my schooling and my friend relationships to try and make us work and she treated me like dirt, she was my first kiss, and my first love, and we dated for about a year and a half, she wouldn't touch me, she refused to hold my hand, hug me, etc. I only shared one kiss and the kiss wasn't even real I found out, She turned out to be a manipulative little
I am so sorry that this happened to you, just know he was some stupid ass horny teenage kid, so forget his sorry ass! you desrerve so much more and you will get so much more!! You will find someone that you will love for the rest of your life and they will love you too! and they wont just love you for sex! and they will look past your mistakes and they will look past your flaws and see you for the amazing and valuable person you are! He will adore everything you do! he will get lost in