Cheyenne Bonds


16 Dec, 2014 02:41 AM
She sat by the window, 
a hopeless, sad widow.
Her blue eyes filled with sadness,
her twitching, frail hands filled with madness.

She watched the orange sky,
as it took on a new lie. 
A blood-colored red,
the softness of a bed.

She closed her eyes,
and said one last goodbye.
And she was gone,
as the wind song a never-ending song.

If only they had heard,
if only they had listened.
But, no, they never learned 
the story of Cheyenne Bonds. 

She closed herself from the world,
her mind spinning, her head a twirl.
She hid herself from everyone,
so they never saw the sadness.

The sadness in the blue eyes of Cheyenne Bonds.
Tags: Hurt, Alone, Unloved
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