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Name: Cheyenne
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About Me: I'm a gamer, a band geek, and a nerd. I write poems when I'm feeling sad, and love to play around with words and rhymes. I love to make them dance across your mouth and whisper into your mind like a sweet song that you'll never forget.
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"What did I do?" This is beautiful. It shows the final choice that shouldn't have to be made, but always is. Though I know it's besides the point, it also dances across your tongue and flows across your mind like a poem should. Poems like these give new meanings to life, meanings that could never be brought from a poem that doesn't capture this one choice.
This was very, very beautiful. It describes how you feel with your friend who sees the mask but never bothers to look past it. Thank You, my friend, for writing this.


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Poem: Cheyenne Bonds