The Scars Are For You


22 Mar, 2014 12:11 AM
My pale face and scarred skin
My arms covered in cuts so true
I feel my life is nothing but a sin
These engraved scars, are just for you

I met you on that dark, harsh day
It was cold and a severe wind blew
I never really knew what to say
Don't worry, these bleeding scars are for you

The days seem longer as your away
You'll never know what I've been through
My scarred arms, you'll never see, but
Don't worry these deep scars are for you

I hope you'll remember me as someone
Those things you said were untrue
I take my knife and cut my arm,
These burning scars are for you

Don't worry, those deadly scars
Are just for you to keep
When your awake and when you sleep
But remember me dear, when I was here
I won't ever leave your side, I'll stay inside.
Remember those eyes, my desire and life.. Worthless and pitiful
Don't ever forget me, don't ever regret me...
Because these fateful scars are for you!
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