A Hidden Tear

Josephine Nisha

21 Mar, 2013 12:41 PM
I wish i could tell how i really feel,
But now its too late and i cant heal.
Can't you even pretend to love me?
Why is it her that you only see?
I tried everything just to lie,
And now i'm alone left to die.
You don't know how how happy i was,
When you told me my life's real cause.
Then i started to like you more,
It didn't take long for my heart to soar.
All i wanted was to be with you,
But soon i realized that nothing was true.
Your loving touch and words deceive me?
I've loved you but you're too blind to see.
My love for you is never to cease,
And this pain is ever to ease.
Now your heart belongs to someone else,
But what about my love that within it dwells?
Its been months that we've talked,
Remembering the days when together we walked.
Soon i shall blend in the shadows of the dark,
Waiting for you, waiting for your love's spark.
Your feelings for her is all i fear,
With my heart's HIDDEN TEAR.
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Sam samrat sea waa koo tea says:
14 Sep, 2014 03:47 PM

fabulous poem

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