Dear Love


06 Sep, 2010 12:41 PM
Dear Love,you have betrayed me 
and left me for dead.
There is a hole in my heart
where he used 2 be.
The boy I loved.
The boy I love.
The boy I hate.

Dear Love,I made a mistake
by letting him go.
You deceived me
and made me think our love was a waste.
Now he's gone
and no one can mend my heart.

Dear Love,I miss him so.
He's so close but yet so far.
The pain of my sorrows
are too much to handle.
That boy is gone forever.

Dear Love,I wish you would give us a second chance,
but I know it's too late for that.
We are apart and nothing will change that.
The deed has been done.
It's over.

Dear Love,I hope you come again someday
along with someone new.
I know you're trying
but it's too soon.

Dear Love,my heart is broken
because I was unprepared.
Now i see what you mean
when love is true.
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Emilyy T:) says:
01 Jan, 2011 02:23 AM

Ummmm :)

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Emily says:
01 Jan, 2011 02:35 AM

Remind me who this is about :))

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David Montalvo says:
26 Dec, 2011 06:22 PM

I love u bled=)

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