I want you here


10 Dec, 2012 02:51 AM
I’m sitting alone and looking up at the sky,
Dreading the day you told me goodbye,
You told me you’d come for me,
But you lied.

I sit here and die slowly on the inside,
You told me you’d take me away,
Away from this dreadful place.
You said you’d take me to a paradise,
But it was a lie.

You still haven’t come,
And you probably never will,
So I’m telling you goodbye,
For leaving me here.

Yet I still wait,
I wait for you to come and save me,
To take me away from this place,
I long to see your beautiful face,

The face I’d seen in my dreams each night,
The face that was so full of delight.
I want to die because of your lie,
You left me out here alone,
Completely on my own.

You left me here to cry,
And for that I say goodbye,
I want to tell you something,
The one thing I want to tell you before we part,
Something that comes from my broken heart,
I love you.
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