The Truth

Kimeca Donald

08 Dec, 2012 03:11 AM
You didn't fall in love to get hurt
You didn't love me to loose me
And you certainly didn't move on
because you found someone better

But you got hurt because you didn't know what was love
You lost me because you never found my heart
And you moved on because you realized 
that I wouldn't fall for your lies 
and needed someone who would.

I loved you once and I've loved you twice
Ain't going to cope with more lies
Not going to make it three times
I'll let you go, calmly,so slow

So my heart can hurt once more
I will move on next week Wednesday
Because by then you will see your mistake
And my heart will cease to ache

Going to do it just to prove 
That moving on hurts one person and not just two
Tags: Love, Lost, Lies, Unloved, Hurt, Sad
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