Trapped by his emotions


05 Feb, 2012 05:48 AM
Broken promises, a broken soul.
Bruises heal, but inside never grow old.
Ease into it again, everything will be ok.
Next morning, long sleeves on a hot day.

Cruel irony, to now need the broken shades.
A shattered memory of a better day.
Cornered, trapped. Caged by her heart.
The one person who can piece her back together, 
only tears her further apart.

Sleek words slide out that suave mouth. 
Its all her fault, always. No doubt.
He can't be held accounted for  the things he's said. They're only words after all. No blood shed.

It's slow but steady, sometimes it quicken's.
As time passes, always the plot thickens.
More gets invested. Deeper becomes the bond.
Holding herself captive, after so long.

Problem is, she doesn't speak.
Independent and strong, to him she's weak.
Remaining calm, she tries to conversate.
No, she's wrong. No room for debate.

Painted into a corner with no way out.
As I get closer to home, 
I feel my heart sink further into my stomach. Sometimes I really hate myself for loving you so much...
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