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Trapped by his emotions


05 Feb, 2012 05:48 AM
Broken promises, a broken soul.
Bruises heal, but inside never grow old.
Ease into it again, everything will be ok.
Next morning, long sleeves on a hot day.

Cruel irony, to now need the broken shades.
A shattered memory of a better day.
Cornered, trapped. Caged by her heart.
The one person who can piece her back together, 
only tears her further apart.

Sleek words slide out that suave mouth.
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Tags: Heart Broken, Controlled, Abuse, Liar, Sad, Suffering
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Tiffany C.

24 Oct, 2011 08:43 PM
Choked by mother love
Wanting me to stay with her
When I want to run
And be a teen
She holds me back
Saying, no, I want you here
When I stay there
She wonders why I don't go with friends
If you care  let me go
If I come back, then you'll know
You did good while keeping me
If I run from you
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Tags: Vexed, Controlled, Done, Held, Down, Hurt, Sad, Worn, Abused, Tired, Lost
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