The End Is Near


02 Aug, 2015 05:22 PM
The end is near,
For my fellow friend,
For he shall soon,
Be bleeding bad,

As the demons stalk him,
Under the moonlight,
He is strong now,
But his strength will fade,
As soon as he finds the right blade,
He will cut, and cut again,
Wailing for the pain to end,

To bad he was a fool,
And decided the only tool to be set free,
Was a pretty little rope,
Dangling from a tree.
So sad....the day he took his life,
Because little did he know,

As the demons fled,
And attacked the girl,
Who he was going to wed,
That she too had enough of their games,
Cutting every night to cease the pain,

So the next day,
She decided to flee,
And finally be,
With her husband to be.
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