The good flower

Cale Lopez

07 Feb, 2014 04:40 PM
I don't know how to say this.
There is a good flower, in the mist.
It runs around, and pound for pound,
Is the coolest, there is.

I see it from afar,
I look up at the stars
So far away, this is the day,
the good flower, raised the bar.

The flower is feeling lonely,
It bought a tv from sony,
it is time, to become a mime,
and made a friend named tony.

Raw Raw, says the flower
as its pedals turn a frosty white.
Come join me for some tea tony,
Hurry, come enjoy the delight.

Tony left one day, he ran away forever.
The flower turned and looked at me, and i said something clever.

I felt bad for the flower that day, its eyes were red from crying.
I wanted to help the flower but, he was close to dying.

I cried and cried, for my dear old friend.
The flower was so bright, it loved and it cared until the end,
my dear old flower was out of sight.
Tags: Flower, Good, Cry
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