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Why him


07 Jul, 2017 03:47 AM

I couldnt make out why he had to be so...troublesome. He always has to have is way. He always has to have any girl he wants. He had the most amazing, not-a-care-in-the-world life. Why did he have to step into mine? Ethan Parker: The most stubborn guy on the planet. Star football player and total jackass. Every girl is head over heels for him. I just dont really understand why. He has terrible grades, hes slept with half the school, and he doesnt care about anyone but himself. The only thing he really has going for him is his hair, his body, his smile...i just mean he doesnt have a lot of good qualities. But hey, at least hes going to college. Mondays were my tutoring days. I usually come for about a couple hours so it will look good on my college application. I was just finishing up and... [Read More]

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Homura´s Story


28 Oct, 2016 12:31 AM

I´m not perfect. Nor will I ever be. I can get as close as I possibly can, though. I tried and I tried over and over and over again to make myself as perfect as I possibly could. It would never work. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Her name was Homura. She wasn´t the best looking, nor was she the most popular or smartest. All she had was her smile, which hid deep sadness that could drown an ocean if it was let out. She slowly walked around the city, not quite sure of where she was going or what she was doing. After stopping, she looked around a bit. She sniffed and thought to herself, ´mmm....smells like butterscotch pie...´ She smiled a bit as she walked toward the amazing smell. She ended up at a small and cute yet suspicious-looking stand that had a couple small pieces of pie sitting out. She looked... [Read More]

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Hold on


25 Mar, 2016 08:54 PM

I'll start this one with a quote from Sarah Elle Emme- "I bled onto pages To spare you grief I was holding inside, Blood mixed with my tears, my ink wove a desperate tale of another time, As pages climbed towards another sky the burn in my chest began to subside, Till the pain lie dormant once more and the blood, tears and ink had nearly run dry." I'll be honest here. I've had learnt not to believe in love, or people who believed that you couldn't go on in life without love. I was in love once upon a time, we were kids and the girl I loved was 'taken away from me because God had to call his angel back home, so she could look over me better,' as they said. She made me promise that I will go on in life no matter what, make world a... [Read More]

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The "Happy Mask"


03 Sep, 2015 10:16 AM

Having everything yet feeling empty is quite a weird feeling. Smiling to others when you feel like you want to cry and just die just eats you up. Saying your 'fine' when really you're not is more than just a lie, it's a weapon that breaks you every time. Putting on a mask of a happy face on everyday and acting like a happy person is very tiring. Because you know that if you show your true face, you will be hated, you will be beaten up, and you'll be scolded and lectured. People will tell you "You have no right to be sad!", "You have no reason to be tired when you didn't even do a single thing!" The people around me just don't realize just how hard I work to play the role as the happy-go-lucky child. They never realized how much I've been hurt because of this... [Read More]

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entwined till death to us apart.

Monica yang

03 Jan, 2015 04:34 AM

''last time i knew, god it was bittersweet" we all sat around the campfire, the sky was deep ocean blue,pine trees surrounded the clearing telling all the stories hidden underneath our skin; each telling a story that has never been shared. "it was a thursday afternoon, we met at a cafe, usually busy but that day was very quiet. she sat there watching the streets and she was glowing like an angel, damn she took my breathe away!" he made a choking sound trying to breath and we all laughed at his joke."ahh, her hair was a nice shade of brown, it looked pretty and fluffy at the same time, just wanna snuggle into her hair and sleep." the girls made a cooing sound, cheering and urging our homeroom teacher to continue. " she caught me staring at her, and laughed. i felt my ears went bright red, before i... [Read More]

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The 6 year story......


26 Sep, 2014 12:02 AM

I was a tender 21, she was a strong 26... I fell in love the moment i met her.. She had an amazing sense of humor, a carefree heart, and not to mention she was stunning.. I still remember the first time i met her 6 years ago in September... She picked me up and we went on a date to Target, little did i know that she would change my life for ever.. i remember feeling butterflies as the time to see her got nearer, She picked me up and i clearly remember her telling me I was so much more beautiful in person.. Oh yes i forgot to mention we met online.. We went to Target to buy her dogs food and treats, then she took me over to her house, I met her family, we played with her dogs and grabbed something to eat after.. I remember... [Read More]

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Mason and I

Carter Mullins

28 Dec, 2012 10:00 AM

Mason Ledet was the guy everyone loved, dreamed about and I wont lie even I dreamed about him once, or twice. He was the guy who you walked up to just to smile at. We first met in 5th grade we didn't talk much but we were friends none the less. Mason Ledet was my friend and he felt like family to every one he met. Mason talked to me and I talked back. Then one day we went to middle school and we barley saw each other. Middle school was a new start for me trying to get out of my depression. It was time to start fresh then sadly in 8th grade the unspeakable happened. Mason his brother Paul, and his uncle and dad where on the news. At first I was like all right he is on the news so naturally I text him. I pause the... [Read More]

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I love you dad </3 (kinda long)


08 Jul, 2011 03:45 PM

It's about 5 years ago since that terrible thing happened and it won't just get out of my mind. It was summer 2007 and we planed to travel to an island in our country with some family friends.there were me,my mom,dad and my older sister.we all suppose to go on the road till there with our friends...very nice trip it was...on the road,different places and having fun... It was evening when we arrived to our destination.that island was really great,nice weather and nice beach,at night we all went to walk at beach with friends and family...the sea was perfect but the waves were scary. We all had fun and we were all together having fun till midnight. the day after that night was morning and we decided to go to beach with some of our friends. The weather was so hot,some decided to swim...sun was above of our heads...very... [Read More]

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the third chance will he hurt me again..??


01 Aug, 2010 05:45 PM

My name is Jaquee am 13 yrs old. My story is long sorry... AND has some bad language. Comment when done reading. This is a true story. It started in 7th grade. Johnny wasnt the kinda guy I'd fall for or go out with. But he was taken by my friend Leslie. They broke up because they wanted to stay friends. He started saying Sh** about Leslie. She was my friends and i couldnt see her take this so i slapped him. From that day forward Johnny and i started to hang out. I was falling for him to fast. My sis well best friend told him tat i liked him, which was true but i kept on telling them we were friends and it was gonna stay that way. That same day we had to sit outside of the class room to read since we were ahead of the... [Read More]

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