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Hold on


25 Mar, 2016 08:54 PM

I'll start this one with a quote from Sarah Elle Emme- "I bled onto pages To spare you grief I was holding inside, Blood mixed with my tears, my ink wove a desperate tale of another time, As pages climbed towards another sky the burn in my chest began to subside, Till the pain lie dormant once more and the blood, tears and ink had nearly run dry." I'll be honest here. I've had learnt not to believe in love, or people who believed that you couldn't go on in life without love. I was in love once upon a time, we were kids and the girl I loved was 'taken away from me because God had to call his angel back home, so she could look over me better,' as they said. She made me promise that I will go on in life no matter what, make world a... [Read More]

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Jaylene Cancino

03 Mar, 2016 03:12 AM

I am a fighter, maybe not necessarily with the world, but with myself. Each hand represents the incessant need to fight whatever my opponent is chucking at me. Somehow, within the midst of this fight I realize that my opponent is me, but an unfamiliar version of myself. A “me” I have yet to solve, a “me”, whom I have yet to break down and conquer. I have fought myself many times, but somehow, unknowingly, I have managed to create a monster who has thrown nothing but these power jabs, each having the ability to break me down. Each punch represents a life situation or an academic deficit I find myself having to overcome. But how? When did I allow myself to create such an overpowering replica of myself? One that I had no idea was being created? In life, everyone has the choice of either being themselves, or of... [Read More]

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