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The "Happy Mask"


03 Sep, 2015 10:16 AM

Having everything yet feeling empty is quite a weird feeling. Smiling to others when you feel like you want to cry and just die just eats you up. Saying your 'fine' when really you're not is more than just a lie, it's a weapon that breaks you every time. Putting on a mask of a happy face on everyday and acting like a happy person is very tiring. Because you know that if you show your true face, you will be hated, you will be beaten up, and you'll be scolded and lectured. People will tell you "You have no right to be sad!", "You have no reason to be tired when you didn't even do a single thing!" The people around me just don't realize just how hard I work to play the role as the happy-go-lucky child. They never realized how much I've been hurt because of this... [Read More]

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02 Sep, 2010 02:05 AM

for the guy I once loved so dearly.... I feel so lonely; much realization came up in my mind. When you have been hurt a lot of times and suffered a lot of heart aches?you will just grow tired. Even though how strong your love for that person, it just changes when you?ll realize that the love and all your sacrifices were not well appreciated and reciprocated. It is a wonderful feeling when you dream of a happy future together. But it was equally a very painful feeling when you?re just a few steps away from that dream, you?ll just realize that it wasn?t all you wanted. It?s not that you are looking or aiming for more?.it?s just that you are enlightened and it?s just now that you had opened your eyes and got a clearer view of reality. Yes, I love him and I dreamed my future with him.... [Read More]

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