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Homura´s Story


28 Oct, 2016 12:31 AM

I´m not perfect. Nor will I ever be. I can get as close as I possibly can, though. I tried and I tried over and over and over again to make myself as perfect as I possibly could. It would never work.
Her name was Homura. She wasn´t the best looking, nor was she the most popular or smartest. All she had was her smile, which hid deep sadness that could drown an ocean if it was let out.
She slowly walked around the city, not quite sure of where she was going or what she was doing. After stopping, she looked around a bit. She sniffed and thought to herself, ´mmm....smells like butterscotch pie...´ She smiled a bit as she walked toward the amazing smell. She ended up at a small and cute yet suspicious-looking stand that had a couple small pieces of pie sitting out. She looked for someone who owned the cart but absolutely no one was around.
She decided to be generous and left five dollars on the cart in place of the pie that she slowly took and started eating. She walked back to the beach and smiled as she watched the ocean while slowly eating her pie. She began to eat slower and slower, noticing something was odd in the pie. Her body felt weird as well. She blinked and slowly looked down at the pie with a nauseous feeling.
Looking through her pie, she found a powdery white residue. She became dizzy and slowly collapsed, blacking out and dropping her pie.
A few hours later, she slowly woke up looking around. She was cold and it was very dark outside. Sitting outside and crying was her only comfort right now. Her sleeves had been ripped off and very mean names had been carved into her arms. She noticed it after crying for a few minutes and she sobbed more.
She slowly got up after about 2 hours of crying. Her arms hurt like hell, and she could hardly breathe. She began walking to the nearest building which happened to be a 24-hour convenience store. Entering slowly, she looked around for bandages and a new set of clothes. She grabbed the bandage wraps and a white shirt to go with her peach-ish colored bottoms. She paid for them then went to the restroom and changes as well as dressed her arms with the bandages.
She sighed softly and looked at herself in the mirror while thinking of all the terrible names that had been carved into her arms. She began to sob once more then she walked out of the convenience store. She hid for a few days in a dark corner before deciding to do something devastating to everyone but herself. She believed it would bring her peace and relief in her self-loathing world.
As she walked to the cliff she cried. Her heart ached and yearned for some sort of comfort, but she knew better than to get her hopes up. She stood on top of the cliff, looking solemnly at the cold and dark water below her. She then saw a man on the beach. He looked as if he had just finished playing some sort of sport but had just collapsed on the beach. She gasped and ran down to him to make sure he was ok before doing her deed. She sat on her knees beside him and lifted his head up while shaking him slightly. She frowned and looked at him.
As she was about to look away, the male quickly opened his eyes. She looked confused because his eyes had a weird, almost other-worldly look to them. He then made a very funny face, spouting water out of his ears, head, and nose. Homura began to at first snicker but then burst into laughter. She laughed for what seemed like hours before wiping a tear and looking at him. He looked back at her and smiled as well.
Afterwards, they had spent day after day together. Laughter and happiness had filled her world once more. She had fallen deeply in love with him. She had decided to go back to her home and apologize to her mother and father even if it really didn´t matter what she did.
Unfortunately, their time together had to come to an unfortunate abrupt end. Her parents had sat her down and told her that they had to move and she had no say in the matter. She was devastated and didn´t want to end her time with her lovely boyfriend...but she had no choice.
The next day she went to the bridge and ran into Jyushi. She smiled but then quickly wiped it completely away. He was planning to give her flowers and it made her so happy...but she couldn´t get all giddy. She had to pretend to reject him. As he smiled and was ready to give her the flowers, but she began to cry and she loudly said no. She quickly ran away after speaking and went home to finish her packing.
Once she got on the train with her parents, she cried quietly. Her mother glared at her then hit upside the head to get her to stop crying. She sucked it up and looked down as the train began to move. She looked out the window with her hand against the glass. She let a tear slip down her cheek as she whispered, ¨Please...never forget me...¨
They arrived at their new home and she sighed. She went to her room and unpacked her stuff. She was going to head downstairs to eat dinner but she heard her parents arguing for hours. She had eventually fallen asleep. For that night and the nights and nights after that, all she did was dream of her amazing times with Jyushi. She didn´t have as many suicidal thoughts as before but she had picked up another bad habit. She had started to cut her arms deeply to keep away the pain, but not deep enough to die from.
After a few days in her home, her family was the same as it had always been. Her father was drunk in front of the tv, using her as a footrest. If she moved her would kick her hard in the side. Her mother would throw glass dishes at her when she didn´t do as she was told. It was this way for about a year and a half. Physical, mental, and sometimes sexual abuse.
She had finally turned 18 and she was out of the house. An anonymous ticket had appeared in the mail for her to go back to her long lost boyfriend. She hurriedly packed her stuff back up and ran to the train station. As she got on the train, she cried with joy.
Now we are at the present day and she is trying her best to be a good girlfriend. She has decided to tell hi all of what she had to go through, but she couldn´t find the words to say it. So she typed her story and showed him while sitting right beside him.
~~~~ END

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elle says:
12 Dec, 2016 04:32 PM

hi im emo and i thought this story was really good

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Kari says:
25 Apr, 2017 04:52 PM

Wow,this is sad

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