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entwined till death to us apart.

Monica yang

03 Jan, 2015 04:34 AM

''last time i knew, god it was bittersweet"

we all sat around the campfire, the sky was deep ocean blue,pine trees surrounded the clearing telling all the stories hidden underneath our skin; each telling a story that has never been shared. "it was a thursday afternoon, we met at a cafe, usually busy but that day was very quiet. she sat there watching the streets and she was glowing like an angel, damn she took my breathe away!" he made a choking sound trying to breath and we all laughed at his joke."ahh, her hair was a nice shade of brown, it looked pretty and fluffy at the same time, just wanna snuggle into her hair and sleep." the girls made a cooing sound, cheering and urging our homeroom teacher to continue.

" she caught me staring at her, and laughed. i felt my ears went bright red, before i knew, she had already walked up to my face. my coffee spilt and i screamed" everyone laughed "how did you scream?" a student asked, "well, errr.... add a scream of a man being pulled by the beard, and a child riding a roller coaster." he intimidated the scream, and i basically laughed till i my cheeks were sore.

"-you look like you just saw a ghost-
her name was Rea, but her voice was...damn. we chatted till evening, and the manager gave us macaroons, she was like my other half. we met up almost everyday, became my best friend i ever had. my other brothers were jealous of me having her, and usually joked that we are husband and wife. but we laughed it off, once were the joke went abit far, i hugged Rea and yelled -MINE!- she blush so bad like a tomato i didn't realize what i was doing, jeez, but i thanked them anyways for the JOKE"

"our relationship became deeper, from best friends to lovers. we loved each other to the point we argue for each other. the quarrels we made was funny, my bros laughed and cheered us on... which wasnt really nice, but they supported us for everything we done, and i thanked them for that. Rea was very kind, and loved to laugh and hug, i was adorned with her smile, its like a drug. she comes to my house almost everyday, she would leave some clothing if she has to go to work early, because my house was closer, she was like family. one time i took her out to dinner for her birthday, even though my family wanted quality time with her, which they did for most of the time, i bought a ring, and asked her to be my wife."

the boys were whooping loudly thinking how manly and the girls squealed with delight, wishing it will happen to them too. i sat beside him, looking at the teacher's face bathed in the fires warmth. his eyes reflected all the memories and emotion he had,a sad smile and he stared into the distance.

"she said yes and cried and the whole restaurant was clapping, i didnt know that i proposed abit too loud. a chef came out with champagne and we ate to our hearts content, we went back to my house and told them the good news of my proposal, after a few family hugs and congrats, i drove her home, and kissed her happy birthday."

"all went well. we got married, and had a child, he was a handsome boy and named him Aidan. it was the happiest moments of my life, having a family was no exception of my love. i loved my son so much, Rea told me i might've spoiled him too much and not her, until one day.."

the whole class suddenly went quiet. the mood turned very stiff.

"she.. died so suddenly when i was away shopping, the doctors said that it was a undiagnosed breast cancer, it ate her away.. Aidan was crying when she laid there not breathing.... i have never felt so scared, and so....heartbroken.. i cried to sleep and feared waking up every morning not being able to see Rea's smile again. aidan changed as well, he grew quiet, and didnt asked for anything, just to sleep with me in my bed to remember Rea's scent.. we've kept everything that belonged to her like treasure. everyone that was dear to her attended her funeral the next 3 days..."

he began to tear up abit, and everyone was very pitiful for the teacher, some were even crying. i broke the silence by speaking up.
"but, its best to remember everything you and mrs rea has done, and still love aidan as well, isnt it?" he looked at me stunned, and smiled. "goodness, jane you sure know how to stone people. " the atmosphere was lifted, and all of us began to smile. the teacher spoke to him self, i can hear him...

"_remember_, i had almost forgotten how that word meant."

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