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Mason and I

Carter Mullins

28 Dec, 2012 10:00 AM

Mason Ledet was the guy everyone loved, dreamed about and I wont lie even I dreamed about him once, or twice. He was the guy who you walked up to just to smile at. We first met in 5th grade we didn't talk much but we were friends none the less.

Mason Ledet was my friend and he felt like family to every one he met. Mason talked to me and I talked back. Then one day we went to middle school and we barley saw each other. Middle school was a new start for me trying to get out of my depression. It was time to start fresh then sadly in 8th grade the unspeakable happened. Mason his brother Paul, and his uncle and dad where on the news. At first I was like all right he is on the news so naturally I text him. I pause the news and I get no reply none. So I go back and un-pause the television (tv) and hear the rest. Sadly mason and most of his family died. I broke down thought what is the point of living?

I went to facebook to tell every one, but every one already knew we created a group many people and over 600 people joined and got added. Mason got me through out a lot, but sadly he couldn't get me though this. Now I have had thoughts of suicide and cant get through it. Please help not only me but. PRAY FOR THE LEDETS. Please. Now many people are trying to get through this sad sad time and we are all trying to help. I myself have know been going to a therapist and taking happy pills. I am young and trying to get through these times and all I get is this stuff. My friends have tried to help heck I even been called the cops on for my own personal safety. All we can do is pray and that is all we shall do.

PRAY FOR THE LEDETS PLEASE. It comes to mind that you think oh what an idiot. o
Oh why would you think this it is so stupid. I hope you don't think this. Because all my life has lead up to these moments. I do this because my life has no meaning because of this. He was my world. He was my life. PRAY FOR THE LEDETS.PRAY.

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Rasul says:
08 Apr, 2013 11:27 AM

Really sad story:(

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crystal says:
23 Jan, 2015 03:24 AM

I have a Friend name Mason ???? and k don't want to lose him

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Kiara says:
04 Feb, 2015 07:41 PM

Hun..., Please if you want people to Pray for him why don't you :l I mean its sad that Mason Died and all But Time passes your soon gonna forget about him....He really wasn't that important to you was he? Jeez :l Dear not to be mean in all But time will Pass get over it and Stop crying about it. /.\

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