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The Suicide Note


10 Sep, 2014 08:11 PM

22nd September 2014, I am not holding anyone responsible for what I have done, nor am I blaming anyone who may happen to be reading this. Furthermore, I want to avoid any feeling of guilt or upset. There was no way you could have saved me, nor was there a way you could have possibly known; My mind has been set and I was determined to achieve this end result. I disguised my plans quite well, I just needed to find the right time and the right way, and now that you are reading this, it seems that I have found it. I don't want anyone to feel that I did this because I was weak and tired, no I just felt out of place, like a burden, or more like a failure; constantly feeling hopeless and more often than not, experiencing loneliness. But the feeling has been, until recently,... [Read More]

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The Inspiring Life Of . . .

Maddie West

18 Oct, 2013 01:48 AM

A girl named Maggie was born to old parents. Maggie grew up happy, social, and funny! The most important people in her life were: her BFF Britney, who she met when she was two; her aunt; her mom and her dad (of course!). Maggie had so many friends in preschool that sadly she had to leave most of them then come kindergarden and that's where she met most of her friends. She was good friends with on girl named, Kiki who was a great friend at first but then started to bully Maggie through the years. Maggie had many friends that would protect kindergarden through 5th grade. Yeah she was bullied up until fifth grade and it was on and off bullying. In first grade Maggie was not as talkative as before and stuck with a small crowd. In second grade she was very shy and developed a social anxiety... [Read More]

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Why are we still friends?

Sonia Blade

12 Mar, 2013 12:16 AM

I remember seeing your face the first time we met. You were walking around the neighborhood because you just moved in. You were looking for some friends and my two little brothers saw you. Because of how short you were, they thought you were their age. Ha Ha. Turns out, you were mine. I never really liked you at first, speaking of, I was like 10. I thought you were just going to (like other people in the neighborhood,) stay for a month and move out. Boy was I wrong. Everyday that summer you came over asking for my brothers. More and more I fell into your spell. Suddenly we started hanging out more and more. We were really good friends then. When school started, we were in the same class. You became good friends with one of my best guy friends. After that, we were as close as friends... [Read More]

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The Friend Whom You Trusted


23 Feb, 2013 03:51 AM

It all started on Tuesday, February 19. I was going home on the trolley with my friend, Linh. We were talking about anything we could think of. But then, we got on the topic of her best friend. She told me that her best friend was the only person she truly trusted. He was everything to Linh. He was always there for Linh and he was the one who would do anything for her. But something collapsed in Linh's eyes. "He wants to suicide." Those words struck me and tears came into my eyes. "Why?" I asked as I stared at Linh, worried what she would say. "He's being cyber bullied...because he is gay." Linh said looking down at her phone. I stared at Linh and got angry. I don't see why people are so judgmental. Why cant they just accept people as they are? Why cant they shut up... [Read More]

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It Ended Before It Happened(TRUE)

Sadie Bay

31 Oct, 2012 06:41 AM

I was not a normal girl. I was different from other people. I dressed differently, was more developed,and had a different maturity level than most. But one day my friend Kayla and I decided to hangout at the local park(it was also a skate park). I was waiting for her to arrive when I notice 3 boys. They looked a couple of years older. I tried to ignore their staring eyes. I accidently dropped my phone out of my pocket when one of the boys walked up to me to return it. He politely tapped on my shoulder. I turned. It was the one with honey-blonde hair. His eyes were like the ocean. Deep and full of mystery. He grabbed my hand and I was speechless. He quickly let go after he set my phone in my palm. I then saw Kayla in the distance and ran to go talk... [Read More]

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Places you belong is within you.


13 Apr, 2012 02:57 AM

I tried looking for a place or path where we could stay or walk on. Time to time we got demoralized by people who have everything from birth. While trying to do many things and failed over again.... tried to court a girl during my high school years was one of the most devastating things I ever tried, was hurt but I moved on but the bad parts carried on as I continued to move on to my second year in high school. I made friends and got into bad company without knowing anything and suddenly I didn't even know I never hit my parent's expectations and failed to even noticed that my Mother was sick and soon after I went on to my college life, everything wasn't getting better my Mother's still in the hospital. I decided to quit college and went on to work as I could be... [Read More]

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The People Who Know


30 Dec, 2011 06:55 PM

I grew up with friends that you would always remember. The good ones who would always be there for you. But I can never forget how they were always broken somehow. One of my friends was Jordan. Her father worked extremely late hours, her mom drank every night and smoked every day. Her older sister had every tattoo and piercing possible, her brother made her feel like an idiot and she had to care for her younger sister who was a toddler. Then of course her dad got repositioned and moved to another state. I think I was her only friend to, that person who would always listen no matter how crazy. Then there was Courtny and Samantha. They lived in a 3 bedroom house with 4 older brothers and dad. I'm not sure about their mother though sometimes it sounded like a divorce other times an accident. Their dad... [Read More]

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Best Friends Gone Wrong


18 Aug, 2011 08:08 AM

Okay here's my story. I went to this new school. At first everyone there seemed so nice. The first person who first talked to me was franchesca. Then alyssa,tammy, and then julia who later became my best friends. I thought that we would be best friends because we all had this connection that made us get along so well. But that doesn't always happen. But let me fast forward unless you wanna here about crappy schoolwork. Then one day franchesca had to leave the school. It was a sad day I mean everyone was crying. But franchesca and alyssa were like super close. The closest in our little group. Anyway then me and alyssa got to sit next to each other in English,social studies,science,math,homeroom, and gym. So we started to become close. But then she started to become a little to nice I guess so she started being rude to... [Read More]

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Will we still BFFL after this?....


17 Aug, 2011 06:23 PM

-Its a bit long, Sorry. I don't know what to do, Im confused about so many things. My feelings toward this guy I met,and then there's Z.R, We have been Bff since grade 9,I don't have real actual feelings for Z.R anymore I did when I was 14,that was..3 years ago, I'm 17 now same as him except hes older by a few months. he wants to do "stuff" and I don't do that with friends I'm not like him I can never be that way, I don't and cant just sleep around with friends, specifically with friends that i used to have real feelings for,Its weird. I used to think that maybe me and him would/could have a future together..But i grew up at 16, I don't know why but I think its because reality hit me,really bad. I just suddenly grew up, I still party and drink, But... [Read More]

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Beautifully hating him


24 Jun, 2011 04:17 PM

We never really thought much of each other before this but everything changed after the day I ended up drinking with him. I was lying in his arms with his friends at his house. His parents weren't going to be home for the next 3 days, so we had a free place to stay. He had come to me, I did flirt with him a bit right before he came and sat next to me. He put one arm around my waist and the other on my thigh. I put down the bottle of vodka that was in my hands and began making out with him. "let's go to my room" he whispered in my ear. "Alright" I smiled promiscuously, as I nervously myself up the stairs. His fingers were placed between mine. He gracefully placed me onto his bed.You could see the excitement on his face as he locked... [Read More]

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