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It Ended Before It Happened(TRUE)

Sadie Bay

31 Oct, 2012 06:41 AM

I was not a normal girl. I was different from other people. I dressed differently, was more developed,and had a different maturity level than most. But one day my friend Kayla and I decided to hangout at the local park(it was also a skate park). I was waiting for her to arrive when I notice 3 boys. They looked a couple of years older. I tried to ignore their staring eyes. I accidently dropped my phone out of my pocket when one of the boys walked up to me to return it. He politely tapped on my shoulder. I turned. It was the one with honey-blonde hair. His eyes were like the ocean. Deep and full of mystery. He grabbed my hand and I was speechless. He quickly let go after he set my phone in my palm. I then saw Kayla in the distance and ran to go talk to her.

I had 3 New contacts. Joe,Blake,and Isaac. About a week later I started to talk to the boys. Not hangout but text. Joe was The Blonde. Isaac Had the straight black hair, and Blake had the curly mess. We kept in touch but I mainly talked to Joe. One day Kayla and I were at her apartments, and we noticed Joe walk by. He lived close to her! So we then met his sister Courtney and we became instantly best friends. I was spending the night at her house when she and Kayla fell asleep. I then stepped out to get some fresh air. Joe was outside with his friends. I ignored them. I wasn't special just an "emo" girl. Joe came over to me and kissed me. Not on the cheek but on the lips. His friends left and it was just me and him. I then found out he had feelings for me. (I had been dating Isaac for about a month then broke up) I was excited because I had liked him since the first day we met. So we became a little bit intimate. we stayed up all night. together watching the sunrise. But it had to end. We went inside and acted like nothing had happened.

The very next day He called his girlfriend!! His GIRLFRIEND. He had a girl that was his. I didn't even know. He confronted me about it and said he was sorry. He didn't mean for that to happen. He was "drunk". I was so upset I went back to cutting. about 3 weeks later I went back to Courtney and Joes house to hangout with courtney. My sleeves were short so it couldnt hide the cuts. Joe didn't say anything but silently nodded to me when I walked through the door. His eyes got really big and stared at my arm. I gave him a fake smile. He stared and stared not saying anything. I still love him to this day but I have matured and realized I didn't have to have him. But that was a sad time in my life. But I have never got over it. Maybe its time to move on . It's 8 months later and I can feel myself letting go.

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pazita says:
14 Mar, 2013 04:31 PM

look u cant let a guy bring u down its happened to me and i use to cut myself but i know its hard to forget them but try doing things that dont remind u of him

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