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Broken heart within my complicated life


30 Oct, 2017 01:23 AM

I never had the courage to share my real life story because I feel like I was the very unluckiest person in the world. But as I read some stories posted in this sites which makes me decide to share the summary of my life story together with love story that turned out into something as I could imagine. I was born and grow up in the Philippines. I belonged to a big happy family. My mom is a teacher and my dad is an automotive mechanics. I have 8 biological siblings and 2 legally adopted. A family of twelve that lives together under the same roof, which is fun, every day feels like a party. I'm the ignore middle child or the eldest of the second batch it's because the gap between me and my eldest sister are 7 years. When I was in grades school every weekend and... [Read More]

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Places you belong is within you.


13 Apr, 2012 02:57 AM

I tried looking for a place or path where we could stay or walk on. Time to time we got demoralized by people who have everything from birth. While trying to do many things and failed over again.... tried to court a girl during my high school years was one of the most devastating things I ever tried, was hurt but I moved on but the bad parts carried on as I continued to move on to my second year in high school. I made friends and got into bad company without knowing anything and suddenly I didn't even know I never hit my parent's expectations and failed to even noticed that my Mother was sick and soon after I went on to my college life, everything wasn't getting better my Mother's still in the hospital. I decided to quit college and went on to work as I could be... [Read More]

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