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Sudden, Tragic, and Painful


26 Sep, 2010 09:44 PM

5 months ago, I was sitting in math class like a regular school day. My school counselor came in and asked me to come straight to the office after school. This scared me because I'm not the girl who gets in trouble. So I waited impatiently throughout the rest of the period and as soon as the bell rang I bolted down the hall, to my locker, and to the office. As I walked into the counselors office, my dad asked me to go into a separate room with him and I started feeling really nervous. So I sat down on the couch and he began to cry. "Sean was murdered. And they can't find Staci." Sean and Staci were my best friend, Avery's parents. I began to cry hysterically. "Avery is in the other room and she needs you right now." I stood up, crying, and went into the... [Read More]

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Pain that will last forever..


23 Sep, 2010 04:13 PM

He was the one... i knew it, I looked into his eyes and instantly fell in love, I told him how I felt and we asked each other out. He was the sweetest guy and still is today. he was a guitarist and was extremely good too! He would walk me home after school and would write songs about me. He was my everything. after a few months of going out, he got a letter from a record company for a record deal. He told me he couldn't be with me because he doesn't want to be distracted by me. I was so upset i rang up my best friend and cried. The next day at school i was crying and he came and hugged me. We were still together but he had to brake up with me when he got it. During class I drew a broken heart on... [Read More]

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he was a nightmare..


28 Jul, 2010 10:10 PM

..this story really shows how stupid i am;D so here it goes.. i am a playgirl sh!t.. i dump boys and i dumped plenty of them.. i dunnu, maybe because i never believed in true love and forever thing.. and besides it can only lead you to pain and all those stuffs.. but, hey.. u can't really, u know talk things that are not yet i fell in love.. well, i promised myself that if ever i fall in love, i promised to make things right and romantic:) and promised to keep it forever( even if i dunt believe in that word). he was a friend actually, we were like best friends..and i never ever thought that i would fall for him..the moment he told me that he loves me, i refused myself to believe in his sweet but after many months of wooing me, i fin'lly gave... [Read More]

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21 Jul, 2010 08:25 PM

I met this guy through my gay friend. I just asked what's his name and I didn't expect that my friend would give him my number to let him text me. I was so shocked when he text me that day, but my friend said that he's nice so I befriended him. OK, to make the story short, we get along just fine, we became closer as the days go by, we chat almost everyday. Then one day we went to the mall with our friends and suddenly I felt something different inside me when accidentally our eyes met, I'm definitely falling in love with him. I can't fool myself so I made up my mind that night that I will tell him about my feelings soon. But just that next afternoon, he told me that he broke up with his girlfriend that day so I end up comforting him.... [Read More]

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I cant get over him


12 Jul, 2010 10:04 PM

I have basically loved the same guy for ten months. i walked into the classroom on the first day of school and i instantly fell in love. he was always this sweet and funny guy who cared so much about me and my best friend. i am most definitely not the prettiest girl around. but him being a typical guy he liked the prettiest girl who is a cheerleader and all that. so i went 6 months hiding it. any one who knew about it said it was totally obvious so over the year i got a boyfriend and well i honestly woke up every day and had to tell my self that i liked him and wanted to be his girlfriend. that ended quickly. he found out by accident that i loved him i was talking to my friend and hit the wrong button by accident, oops!! the next... [Read More]

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