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Places you belong is within you.


13 Apr, 2012 02:57 AM

I tried looking for a place or path where we could stay or walk on. Time to time we got demoralized by people who have everything from birth. While trying to do many things and failed over again.... tried to court a girl during my high school years was one of the most devastating things I ever tried, was hurt but I moved on but the bad parts carried on as I continued to move on to my second year in high school. I made friends and got into bad company without knowing anything and suddenly I didn't even know I never hit my parent's expectations and failed to even noticed that my Mother was sick and soon after I went on to my college life, everything wasn't getting better my Mother's still in the hospital.

I decided to quit college and went on to work as I could be able to take care of my mum. At that time it is hard to get a job but I tried to get a job with no experience decided to work at a fast-food restaurant as a janitor, I carried on for two months and started to work as a cashier at the same fast-food restaurant.
I started to get a second part-time job as a bartender at a pub nearby to my workplace. Life was about to change but that was just the begaining of my sadness.

Two weeks later my mum passed away and my dad was overseas working, I was in a broken-state. I cried for days after my mother passed on and continue life as I just found out that I had a younger brother from overseas. My dad bought him over to study from young and I didn't even know anything about it. I feel even more sad as time goes by my friends decided to throw a party to help me get over it. I was late for it because I had to work that day and I thought it was just a gathering and made the atmosphere very awkward for everyone as I walk in I thought I was gonna be the atmosphere breaker. In the end my friends pop all the crackers and I was really shocked at that point and felt the love of my friends as they embraced me and showed me that there was still love around me after my mother died.

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Ashley says:
31 Oct, 2012 05:12 AM

I'm only 14 and I get it you was in a bad sate and you tried to get out of it and you broke free. I was never the most popular kid and I'm still not I get bullied and teased. But having your mother die I'm so sorry. But I know how you feel.

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Ciel.Phantomhive says:
15 Mar, 2014 03:50 PM

Thanks Ashley.

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