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It's ok. But BUT STOP HURTING YOUR SELF please!!! I'm 14 and I get you but stop hurting yourself! I've never cut myself but I live with someone who used to. It doesn't solv anything. Oh my god you can kill your self so stop please.
I'm so sorry. I'm really sorry. Im here 24/7 4 u! I'm a 14 year old girl and I would love to talk to you.
I'm only 14 and I get it you was in a bad sate and you tried to get out of it and you broke free. I was never the most popular kid and I'm still not I get bullied and teased. But having your mother die I'm so sorry. But I know how you feel.
I needed to say one more thing I want to talk to you I'm only 14 and I want to know how you got though this.
Was this guy idiotic, money is not that important and I feel so bad for you. I blame myself for what happened to me to. And I'm 14. I don't know why people do what they do. But it's all for stupid resons.


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