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Every hello is bought with a price
It is paid for with a goodbye
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“But time is beyond of finite comprehension. It’s endless, it exists outside of us; we cannot run out of it or lose track of it or hold on to it. Time goes on even when we do not.”
- Tahereh Mafi
Sad memories are bad, but Good memories are the worst
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Love is a perfection limited by man's imperfections.
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the tears were like acid on my skin, 
the ones you caused and never spill, 
happy you are with the new guy, 
sad I am of being the old one.
Brighter the light, darker the shadow. No matter how hard we try to do good, the bad will always follow.
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If you walk away my heart will break.
Saying "I love you" doesn't always fix everything.
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"Everyone says its gonna be alright but honestly everyone doesn't know how I feel"
"be true to yourself. forget what s/he wants you to be"
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